Cincinnati, OH

Ridgemoor Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Buy It Now Price $99,000.00

2 bed 1 bath

825 sqft!

Recently updated

Has a cute backyard!

Been renting at $900/month

(over areas average and excluding dog fee) 

Unfinished basement not calculated into sqft total. 

Furnace, Windows, and Water Heater upgraded in 2015. 

Contract for Sale

Delmar Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45213

Buy It Now Price $45,000.00

1 Bedroom & 1 Bathroom ~700 sqft

Will need overall cosmetic updates

Full basement! 

Same tenant for 18+ years currently paying 550/month plus utilities

Garage in the back! Could use some repairs.

An additional spot for on-street parking

Contract for Sale

Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45241

Buy It Now Price $129,000.00

Duplex opportunity!

Currently, 3 families renting for 1800/mo total 

Property has a first floor, basement, and top floor

Roof 10 years old, needs windows replaced.

70% of updates done.

Bathroom remodeled last year 

Dumpster on site for 60/mo but can be removed!

Contract for Sale

Roth Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Buy It Now Price $110,000.00

3 beds 3 baths 

1950 sqft!

New boiler 3-4 Years ago

In fair shape but needs cosmetic updates

Has a basement! 

Contract for Sale

Duck Creek Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45212




Buy It Now Price $310,000.00

2 houses that are both duplexes!

Both houses in both units are 1/1 about 800 sqft each 

New furnaces, New roofs

Needs new windows

Kitchen and Bathroom updates needed

The first unit tenant has lived there for 14 years

150/mo utilities paid by owner total for house 1 Rent totals $1,165

300/mo utilities paid by owner total for house 2 Rent totals $1,475 

Contract for Sale

Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223




Buy It Now Price $105,000.00

3 beds 2.5 baths upstairs unit
2 beds 1 bath downstairs unit
The kitchen is gutted, needs to be redone!
Metal roof and New gutters
Hardwoods on the 2nd floor (upstairs unit), needs flooring redone on 1st floor (another unit)
Some drywall repairs needed

Contract for Sale

Hollyglen Ct, Cincinnati, OH 45251

3 Bedroom & 1 Bathroom  ~925 sqft

Currently rented at 750/month 

The structure is in good condition!!

Needs new roof and windows

Furnace and water heater need to be replaced

The kitchen, bathroom, floors, and paint needs some updating

Perfect value add rental addition!

Contract for Sale


Milton Ct, Cincinnati, OH 45229

3 beds 1 bath

1,482 sqft

New furnace, new windows, new water heater!

Needs new roof 

Kitchen and bathrooms ready for a remodel!

Contract for Sale


Mills Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45212

2 Car Garage

Thriving Flip Location!!

Needs Updating 

Norwood Area

Contract for Sale


Loralinda Dr, Cincinnati, OH, 45251

3 Bedroom & 1 Bathroom

Needs overall updates! Very dated...

The water heater is in good shape!

Electric needs repairs

Decent size deck in the back!

Attached garage!

Contract for Sale


Laurel St, Cincinnati, OH 45216

3 Bedroom & 1 Bathroom 

Was rented for $800/month

Needs cosmetic overall updates 

Water damage on the floors 

Holes in the ceiling/floors in some spots

Newer water heater

HVAC is decent

Has a basement!

Contract for Sale


Cooper Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

3 beds 1.5 bath 

2,176 sqft with basement. 


Needing new roof 

Plumbing in good condition,

water in the basement that needs to be looked at.

The deck needs to be repaired 

Newer windows

Updated Bathrooms

The kitchen needs updating!

Contract for Sale


W 63rd St, Cincinnati, OH 45216

2 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom ~1400 sqft

It's in rent-ready condition

Currently has a tenant, but maybe moving out.

In a flood zone

Contract for Sale


E 13 St, Covington KY, 41011

4 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom   ~2,000 sqf

Roof is in decent shape

Newer water heater... about 2 years old!

Electric has been upgraded recently

Floors need some love

There are long term tenants that pay on time and have been there 10 years! They would like to stay and have renter's right of refusal. 

OR tenants could be out before closing

Contract for Sale


Compton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Newer flooring throughout

Newer replacement windows

Newer counters and cabinets

Roof about 10 years old

No central air

1 block away from the school

Contract for Sale